Abstract topics

The next Coal Operators’ Conference will address issues related to various aspects of modern coal mining operations both surface and underground. Accordingly, papers are invited from the following topics:

  • Surface mining,
  • Geology,
  • Heading development,
  • Mining methods; longwall, bord and pillar, top coal caving and hydraulic mining,
  • Equipment and machinery performance or innovations,
  • Ground control and strata management,
  • Instrumentation and monitoring,
  • Rock bolting, cable bolting or other roof support techniques,
  • Mine subsidence,
  • Mine ventilation,
  • Coal burst, mine gas drainage and outburst control,
  • Mine fires and explosions,
  • Mine flooding,
  • Risk management,
  • Mine management and mine contract.

We strongly encourage receiving papers from coal mine operations, as well as fundamental and applied coal mining research.

Guide to authors

Please ensure that you use our Author Template for submission of your abstract