Accepted Abstracts

A continuous roof and floor monitoring system for tailgate roadways.
Paul Buddery, Claire Morton, Duncan Scott and Nathan Owen

Coal petrography and associated stratigraphy in the central part of Mae Moh Basin, Changwat Lampang, Thailand. 
Kunwatoo Rittidate, Punya Charusiri, Benjavun Ratanasthien and Nattapol Srinak

The enhancement of 3D seismic data for the identification of significant geological features to mine planning. 
James Dirstein, Gary Fallon, Michael Angel and Steven Winter

Examples of reactive pyrite initiating self-heating in coal and non-coal strata. 
Jan Theiler and Basil Beamish

Improvements in coal spontaneous combustion hazard assessment for stockpile management and transport certification. 
Basil Beamish and Jan Theiler

Underground coal mine gas monitoring emergency preparation.
Larry Ryan

The effect of nut length on rock bolt pretension.
Damon Vandermaat

Indented and plain strand cable combined stress relationships.
Kent McTyer and David William Evans

Development trials and testing of a two component rapid set cement grouting system.
Tom Meikle

Changes in the three dimensional stressfield around Longwall panels.
Ross Seedsman

Improvements in Longwall technology and performance in Kuzbass mines of Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK).
Vladimir Borisovich Artemyev and Peter McInally

Analysis of breakages of Longwall powered supports - why cycle testing does not guarantee happiness. 
Peter McInally

A comparison of performance between resin and cementitious grouting medium for cable bolts.
Edward Pullen, Danqi Li and Paul Hagan

An overview of in-situ stress measurement techniques and experimental study on borehole breakout. 
Huasheng Lin, Joung Oh Hossein Masoumi, Ismet Canbulat, Chengguo Zhang and Linming Dou

Practical use of the underground borehole scanner for geotechnical characterisation and failure pathway quantification.
Richard Campbell and Andrew Seccombe

Insights into the energy sources of the burst in coal mines and effectiveness of the preventing and controlling measures. 
Mahdi Zoorabadi and Winton Gale

Emerging trends in injuries in the underground coal sector: An analysis of Queensland data from 2006-2016. 
Nikky LaBranche

Performance characteristics of gas analysers for tube bundle systems.
Martin Tsai and Lauren Forrester

Improving respirable coal dust exposure monitoring and control
David Cliff, Nikky LaBranche, Mark Shepherd and Fritz Djukic

Strand wires profiling of sheared cable.
Guanyu Yang, Naj Aziz, Haleh Resekh, Saman Khaleghparast and Jan Nemcik

New tool for pull testing of different diameter tendons.
Haleh Resekh, Guanyu Yang and Naj Aziz

Mechanical properties of coal measure rocks containing fluids at pressure. 
Ian Gray, Lucy Liu, Xiaoli Zhao and Ben Seeto

Mechanics of rib deformation at Moranbah north mine – a case study.
Yvette Heritage

Shear behaviour of fibreglass rock bolts.
Peter Gregor, Ali Mirzaghorbanali, Naj Aziz and Kevin McDougall

Mechanical properties of grout for strata reinforcement.
Ali Mirzaghornanali, Naj Aziz, Hamed Alkandari, Peter Gregor and Kevin McDougall

Determination of gas emission in the mining life cycle using iterative spatial interpolation and energy based fundamental concepts. 
Patrick Booth, Heidi Brown, Jan Nemcik and Ting Ren

Coal and rock bursts: similarities and differences.
Ross Seedsman

Primary roof bolt length reduction at Mandalong mine – occupational health, geotechnical and operational outcomes. 
Nigel Birt, Owen Farrugia, John Turner, Kent McTyer and Luke Gibson

Improving respirable coal dust exposure monitoring and control
David Cliff, Nikky LaBranche, Mark Shepherd and Fritz Djukic