Accepted conference papers

Shuvashis Dey, Omar Salim, Hossein Masoumi, Nemai Karmakar
Health Monitoring of Mining Conveyor Belts Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Sensors and Machine Learning

Libin Gong, Jan Nemcik
Modelling the influence of water saturation on the stability of mine roadways

Barry Sturgeon
Fibre reinforcement shotcrete to coal

Jon Roberts, Peter Wypych
Development and Application of Dust Suppression Technology – Case Studies

David Carey
Control of coal mine fire by jet engine inertisations technology- Recent case study from an Australian mine

Patrick Booth, Jan Nemcik, Ting Ren
An analysis of the influence of intra-seam coal character variation on outburst risk potential

Jan Nemcik, Peter Waclawik, Radovan Kukutsch, Libin Gong, Gaetano Venticinque
Numerical modelling of dynamic event at longwall face, CSM mine, Czech Republic

Ashkan Rastegarmanesh, Ali Mirzaghorbanali, Naj Aziz, Kevin McDougall
Determination of mechanical properties of Minova New Generation Grout Mix and comparison with the existing products

Peter Gregor, Ali Mirzaghorbanali, Mohammad Zohaib, Francis Vaubourg, Naj Aziz, Kevin McDougall
Shear strength of clean and infilled rock joints under constant normal loading conditions using three dimensional printing technology

Michael Melville, Jason Emery, Jongwon Park
A case study in machine learning applied to better predict conditions in advance of mining

Ian Gray, Xiaoli Zhou, Paul Petrie-Repar
Accurate stress measurements in anisotropic rocks with non-linear behaviour

Dihon Tadic, Isaac Dzakpata, Joji Quidim:
Application of high capacity continuous mechanical cutting to coal overburden removal – what we know so far

Gelber Taco, Alberto Kamenar, Jeff Edgoose:
Dynamic measurement of in-situ coal cleat compressibility

Bharath Belle, G Si:
A transparent methodology to determine longwall tailgate float dust fallout behaviour and stone dusting performance

Edward Steed, Jason Emery:
The evolution of high capacity long tendon support elements at Grasstree Mine

Basil Beamish, Jan Theiler:
Self-heating hazard investigation of conveyor belt rubber fines

Mahdi Saadat Abbas Taheri:
Effect of pre-tensioning on the mechanical behaviour of bolted coal

David Cliff:
An improved technique for monitoring explosiveability of gases

G. Klenowski, P. McNamara Ki, P. McNamara:
Development of support systems for longwall mining in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland

Neil Alston:
ROCSIL FOAM plug seal system

Muhammad Ali, Enyuan Wang, Haishan Jia, Dexing Li:
Study on acoustic emission characteristics and mechanical behaviour of water-saturated coal

Reza Mohammadzadeh:
Develop a conceptual data model of geotechnical risk assessment in underground coal mining using a cloud-based machine learning platform

Gerard McCaughan, Jack Steenekamp:
Geology interpreted to metres

Hadi Nourizadeh, Ismet Canbulat, Joung Oh, Chengguo Zhang:
A review of overburden fracturing and changes in hydraulic characteristics due to longwall mining

Faham Tahmasebinia, Chengguo Zhang, Ismet Canbulat, Onur Vardar, Serkan Saydam:
Bolt testing simulations under dynamic tensile forces

Ellie Hawkins:
Evaluation of the recovery of block cave undertaken by sub-level caving

Sena Cicek, Sungsoon Mo, Ihsan Berk Tulu, Serkan Saydam, Mark Van Dyke, Ted Klemetti, Joe Wickline:
Application of Coal Mine Floor Rating (CMFR) to an Eastern U.S Coal Mine

Sungsoon Mo, Peter Yee, Terri O’Sullivan, Hossein Masoumi, Ismet Canbulat, Serkan Saydam:
Floorheave monitoring using floor instrumentation

Yvette Heritage, Adrian Moodie, Alex Wright:
Investigations into stress effects and 3D modelling of deformation zones at Moolarben coal mine

Saman Khalegparast, Sina Anzanpour, Naj Aziz, Alex Remmenikov:
The performance of tendons under static and dynamic conditions

Derek Avalle, James Miedecke:
Rolling dynamic compaction for haul road construction and maintenance – an update

Russell Frith, Guy Reed, Martin Mackinnon:
A discussion causation mechanisms for overburden bumps as distinct from coal bursts

Kent McTyre:
The effect of elevated temperature on resin-anchored rock bolts

Zhongwei Chen, Mehdi Serati, Zhen Hao Chia:
Combining DIC and true triaxial measurements to determinate coal anisotropic properties