Accepted conference papers

Manfred Ziegler
Digital twin based method to monitor and optimize belt conveyor maintenance and operation

Gaetano Venticinquue and Jan Nemcik
Dynamic numerical modelling for the progressive development of coal burst phenomena adjacent to coal roadways

Hongchao Zhao, Tao Yu, Ting Ren, Alex Remennikov
Behaviour of FRP-confined cementitious material-filled PVC tubular standing support

Russell Frith, Guy Reed, Aaron Jones
A causation mechanism for coal bursts during roadway development based on the major horizontal stress in coal, very specific structural geology causing a localised loss of effective coal confinement and Newtons’ second law

M G Colwell
Developing and using empirical models for geotechnical design in underground coal mining

S MacGregor, B Blacka, A Rippon
Application of SmartShear to define rock mass shear about coal mine roadways

Kent McTyer
Development of the DSI TORQ resin-bolt system

PCSR Pinazzi, KV Jessu, P Singh, AJS (Sam) Spearing
Identification of loading conditions on rock bolts installed in a coal mine using instrumentation

Mahdi Zoorabadi, Aaron Radonich
Misuse of empirical based methods for geotechnical assessment of underground coal mines

Dennis Black
Investigations into the impact of recovery time on core sample gas content measurement

Dr Brian Plush, Brad Watson, Clinton Day, Timothy Gooch
A scientific approach to quantifying the efficiency and efficacy of dust curtains on a Sandvik ABM650 continuous miner at Kestrel Colliery whilst mining a full face of roof stone during an overcast construction

Ali Mirzaghornanali, Faisel Alenezi, Peter Gregor, Naj Aziz, Kevin McDougall
Shear strength of rock joints under constant normal loading conditions

Ali Mirzaghornanali, Peter Gregor, Abdullah Alfahed, Naj Aziz, Kevin McDougall
Strength properties of grout for strat reinforcement

Frank Hungerford, Mitch Fagan
Over-core recovery of a drill string bogged in a longhole

Martin Watkinson
What are the outcomes from 21 years of level one emergency exercises in Queensland?

Les Marlborough
Gas management in Queensland coal mines

Bipin Parmar
The process of accident or incident investigation

Roy Moreby
Use of Ventsim to model underground pre and post gas drainage systems

Bharath Belle, Guangyao Si
Performance analysis of surface goaf gas drainage holes for gas management in an Australian coal mine

Naj Aziz, Guanyu Yang, Saman Khaleghparast, Jan Nemcik, Haleh Resekh, Travel Marshal
Circular double shear box for testing of tendons for effective ground control

Saman Khaleghparast, Alex Remennikov, Naj Aziz
Dynamic shear testing of tendons

A. Gao, M. Holden, P. Craig
Laboratory and field load transfer comparisons of Australia's latest coal mining resins

Ian Webster
Gastracker – a tool to quantify the dynamic response of gas measurements in a ventilated mine

Ian Webster
How blocked gas detectors change the apparent concentration of gas

Ian Webster
Reliable referencing for fixed and machine mounted gas detectors

Basil Beamish, Jan Theiler, Andrew Garvie
Ageing effect on the self-heating incubation behaviour of Lignite

Basil Beamish, Jan Theiler, Andrew Garvie
Self-heating incubation behaviour of Pyritic Lignite

Andrew Garvie, Ken Donaldson, Basil Beamish, Brad Williams, John Chapman
Management of spontaneous combustion in coal overburden spoil piles

Heidi Roberts
A better respiratory health scheme for coal miners: working together and what we have learned

David Cliff, Nikky LaBranche, Fritz Djukic, Mark Shepherd
Final report from ACARP research project (C26048) Improving respirable coal dust exposure monitoring and control

Ashutosh Bhaskar, Alok Kr Baranwal, Praveen Ranjan, Tapan Kumar Jena, Mayank Shekhar
Application of plastic funnel in blast holes to improve blasting efficiency of opencast coal mine at west bokaro

Ken Mills
A review of the mechanics of pillar behaviour

M.T Gandapradana, A.Z Romi, Andryusalfikri, M.D.S Wicaksono, D.A Zulkarnain, A. Wahyudi, PT. Bukit Asam Tbk
Paleo-environment model of sub-bituminous coal seam based on Maceral data analysis in Banko Barat

M.T Gandapradana, S.H Nugroho, B.T Purnomo, Andryusalfikri, A. Gustifram PT, Bukit Asam Tbk
The impact of coal intrusion to coal characteristic in Tanjung Enim, South Sumatera, Indonesia

Abdul Barkah
Characteristic of pro delta environment on coal seam paf and naf, Warukin formation, South Kalimantan

Jon Roberts
Application of high-energy dust suppression technology to the handling of coal

D.K Bekbergenov
Advanced underground technology of preliminary cable-injection consolidation of a rock mass ensuring sustainable development of mining at deep levels

Russell Frith, Guy Reed
The limitations and potential design risks when applying empirically-derived coal pillar strength qquations to real-life mine stability problems

Jessica Morgan, Davide Colombo, Giacomo Falorni
InSAR  technology for subsidence monitoring and risk management over coal mine operations