Coal handling & processing – the requirements for reliable and sustainable supply
18 February 2019

This workshop will address issues relating to modern design and operating philosophies to ensure that the processing and handling plants perform reliably and according to prediction/design. Issues to be discussed include:

•     What should be known about the bulk solid(s) being handled for design and operation?

•     The importance of appreciating flow patterns and behaviour (relevant to application).

•     How can this knowledge be applied to determining reliable discharge and flow?

•     Addressing operational issues: blockages; bottlenecks; segregation; spillage; wear.

•     Validated simulation modelling of coal properties and flow for complex and large-capacity systems.

•     Dealing with wet and sticky coal and fines, especially under dynamic conditions.

•     Dust emission control options for the workplace and environment.

•     Research and application of new dust suppression technologies.

•     Design of plant to minimise dust generation – attacking the source or root cause of the problem.

•     Open cut and underground case studies will be used where appropriate to illustrate most of the above issues.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Wypych
Professor, University of Wollongong
Director, International Solids Handling Research Institute (ISHRI)General Manager, Bulk Materials Engineering Australia (BMEA)